How can Nonviolent Self-Protection help you?

Maybe you’re the parent of a child who’s being bullied. Maybe you're a kid of color being harassed by a racist bully. Maybe you're being bullied for not fitting in. Or, maybe you're being bullied for wearing visible symbols of your religion.

In any case, Nonviolent Self-Protection is effective self-defense that will put you on the fast track toward peace of mind, body, and soul.

What is NSP?

Don’t let the name fool you… Nonviolent Self-Protection is not an inactive acceptance of bullying. And it’s not a violent counterattack to it. Instead, NSP is what you might call "active de-escalation."

As a first step, NSP uses verbal persuasion to de-escalate a bully. If that doesn’t work, NSP uses grappling, (not hitting) to control the bully.

NSP uses minimum necessary force. Why? Three reasons: it brings a sense of inner peace to the practitioner, it leaves room for the bully to change their heart for the better, and it protects the practitioner in the eyes of the law. Let’s dive in.

Inner peace

You can't solve violence with violence. Just look at conflicts around the world. An unending cycle of one party attacking, and the other retaliating. Usually with increased violence.

It's like Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

One benefit of NSP is that it brings inner peace to the practitioner through knowing that they did only what it took to bring a bully under control, not more. This creates the opportunity to end the bully’s cycle of violence.

A second chance

You never know what a bully might be going through…

A death in the family…

Maybe they're being bullied by their own parents or guardians…

Maybe they're hurt by you. Perhaps something you said or did hurt them and they want revenge…

Or, maybe the bully is a psychologically weak person, and having power over you is the only way they can feel good about themselves.

After reflecting on their encounter with an NSP practitioner, a bully might think, "Wow, they could have seriously injured me... but they chose not to."

Strong message.

It has the power to soften the hardened heart of a bully.

Legal protection

Imagine a bully attacks you. Rather than using NSP, you knock them out cold. The police come. What do they see?…

You standing over an unconscious victim…

Maybe there are even witnesses who saw or recorded you knocking them out. Who do you think they’re going to put in handcuffs?

Now imagine a bully attacks you and you use NSP…

The police come and see you controlling the bully with the minimum necessary force…

Not only do you explain the situation, but witnesses back you up…

You get to go home, eat dinner with your family and sleep in your own bed... while the bully gets fined and spends the night in a jail cell sleeping on a cot.

Learn NSP

Now that you know how NSP can help you, visualize a life where bullies can't touch you. You're healthy, strong, and happy.

Can you see it?

You can have that life. It's the birthright of every human being. It’s time to reclaim your birthright and come learn NSP.