How NSP creates self-confidence in kids

Renzo Gracie black belt, John Danaher is known as the greatest coach in sport Jiu-Jitsu. His tactics and strategies revolutionized the sport, and his students are among the greatest in its history.

When Danaher was asked how he grows the exceptional confidence of his students, he said...

"Most of what I do in terms of building confidence is to give people physical skills. Of course, confidence is more of a mental thing than a physical thing, but all the underpinnings of confidence are physical.

"The beginning of confidence is physical. A rational human being will see where they’re having success, and where they’re having failure. When a student notices that they’re getting tremendous success on the mats with a given move, they will carry the confidence that they earned in the dojo, into school, social situations, and everyday life in general.

"So my job as a coach is to set them up in the dojo with a certain set of skills. If I can set you up with a given move or tactics, and you can apply them with success 10 times in a row against a bigger stronger training partner, I don’t have to do a single thing when it comes to instilling confidence… my students can already recognize their success, and confidence manifests as a side-effect."

NSP takes the John Danaher approach to building confidence in students. Through learning and repeatedly applying the highly effective NSP self-defense skill set, our kids have gone from being painfully shy to outgoing and confident.