What is the Self-Love Development Program?

The Self-Love Development Program (SLDP) is taught throughout the three NSP courses and is designed to build a solid foundation of self-love within your pre-teen/teen’s heart.

NSP anti-bully training works best when the student loves their life and sees it as their most valuable asset.

Every course, we will focus on two of these six self-love chapters:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-acceptance
  3. Self-appreciation
  4. Self-forgiveness
  5. Self-approval
  6. Self-realization

These chapters are arranged in a logical sequence designed to lead your pre-teen/teen toward a feeling of self-love that no one can ever take away.

SLDP chapters

Course 1 covers self-awareness and self-acceptance:

The self-awareness chapter sets a solid foundation by clarifying the student’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, qualities, and flaws. This awareness makes it easier to understand and relate to others.

The self-acceptance chapter builds an inner sense of comfort and ease. This facilitates acceptance of not only your pre-teen/teen’s strengths but also their weaknesses. They’ll learn how to be gentle, empathetic, and kind to their self. They’ll learn how to be understanding of who they are and where they are in their current situation.

Course 2 covers self-appreciation and self-forgiveness:

The self-appreciation chapter gives your pre-teen/teen permission to recognize and admire their own promising talents and qualities. This recognition and admiration results in an understanding of their unique value.

The self-forgiveness chapter silences the negative self-judgment and negative self-criticism which can sabotage your pre-teen/teen. They’ll remember that they are human and will always make mistakes, which is all part of the learning process.

Course 3 covers self-approval and self-realization:

The self-approval chapter liberates your pre-teen/teen’s mind. They’ll shed the need to wait for others’ approval or the feeling of having to prove themselves. They’ll grow the ability to appreciate and be in agreement with themselves. This significantly reduces a common problem for pre-teens/teens: peer pressure. Because when they accept, appreciate, forgive, and approve of themselves, they’re less likely to do something that goes against their character just to fit in with others who are doing it. They’ll realize they’re worth more than that.

Self-realization is the final chapter of the SLDP. It solidifies the ability to distinguish the real self, from the unreal self (the ego). A student’s internal compass develops. That voice deep within which can steer them away from the worst version of themselves and toward the best version.

Self-love assignments

In addition to no-nonsense self-defense training, your pre-teen/teen will receive self-love assignments. They’ll record them and any of their thoughts, progress, ideas & notes in a journal.

But don’t worry... the assignments are fun! Studying books isn’t required to answer them. Only self-reflection.

The person in the mirror

Self-reflection, that’s what the SLDP is all about. Your pre-teen/teen will become more aware of their own emotional states, feelings, and motivations. The more they analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, the more they become their own best friend. The more they become their own best friend, the more they’ll have the will to use the art of self-defense.