Why the Self-Love Development Program?

Quick true story...

I once worked a job where I was put in charge of picking up an 88 karat diamond from a Jeweler known as The Iceman.

I had to get it from his office in a rough part of downtown Los Angeles, transport it across town, and deliver it to a high-profile client.

I was shown a picture of the diamond…

It was the size of a bird egg.

I got nervous. “What?!” I thought. “I’m unarmed. I drive a regular car. Shouldn’t they be sending armed guards driving an armored truck for this thing?”

I took a few deep breaths to tap into the depths of my mind. A wave of calm washed over me. I realized, “Dude, It’s a rock. I consider myself more precious than any rock on this planet.”

I continued that line of thought, “In everyday life, I act as the officer in charge of my own personal safety. Situational awareness and avoiding danger are habitual to me.”

With that mindset, I successfully completed the “Iceman mission” without having to change much about my behavior.

I’m not gonna lie, I was on high alert, but my core mindset remained the same.

The value of self-love

This story highlights the value of self-love.

Once I got over the initial shock, I didn’t have to worry about carrying a fortune in my pocket because I carry a fortune in my heart every day.

Because I see my own life as my most valuable asset, I do my best to stay off the radar of dangerous characters, and in the unlikely event that I do get backed into a corner, I will fight until my last breath to save my life.

That mindset extends to protecting my beloveds too.

Fortunately, from childhood, my parents supported my journey toward self-love. They also provided me with the self-defense training and mindset to protect myself.

I want that training and mindset for you too. I want you to think of yourself as having more value than an 88 karat diamond. That’s why the Self-Love Development Program is one of the pillars of NSP.